About 教会介绍

活石华人社区教会(LSCCC)诞生于一个一群在在南卡州伦比亚市的华人基督徒,他们感受到神的引导,决定在哥城成立第二间华人教会。本教会于2014年8月14日在政府登记注册,正式在2014年9月7日举行了第一次崇拜聚会。从2014年9月7日至2016年1月3日,教会在哥伦比亚市Pickens Street 728号的场所聚会。于2016年1月10日,我们搬迁至Suber-Marshall Memorial United Methodist Church (3900 Live Oak Street)的教堂聚会。目前,活石教会拥有约30名会员,每个星期日以中文作为主要语言进行崇拜,同时提供英语翻译服务。我们的平均聚会人数约为60人. 活石华人社区教会是一个独立的福音派教会。教会治理采用长老制度:由牧师、长老和执事共同管理神的教会。

教会成立之初是为了接触南卡大学的华人学生、访问学者及其家庭,现在服侍对象延伸至哥城的华人学生群体(包括USC,CIU,Ben Lippen)和华人社区。教会的异象是创建一个华人属灵社区,并通过可传递的事工模式来推动在中国的教会植堂工作。在主的引导下,教会盼望在未来十年内支持中国的许多教会植堂计划。

Living Stone Chinese Community Church (LSCCC) was birthed from a small group who felt God’s leading to form a second Chinese church in Columbia, SC. The church registered with the government on August 14, 2014, and our congregation officially had our first worship service on September 07th.  From September 07, 2014 to January 03, 2016, our services continued to be held at the 728 Pickens Street, Columbia, SC facility. In January 10 2016, we moved to 3900 Live Oak Street, renting the space from Suber-Marshall Memorial United Methodist Church. Currently, Living Stone has over 40 members, meeting on every Sunday using Chinese as our primary language with an English translation service. Our average congregation is about 60-70 people, among them 15-20 high school students from Ben Lippen School. Living Stone Chinese Community Church is a non-denomination evangelical church. The church has adopted the elder-run structure—pastor, elders, and deacons govern God’s church together.

LSCCC was established for the purpose of reaching Chinese students, visiting scholars and their families at USC, now LSCCC members has been extended to all Chinese students (USC, CIU, Ben Lippen) and the Chinese community at Columbia. The vision of the church is to create a Chinese spiritual community, and to support Church planting in China by creating transferable models of ministry. With the direction of our Lord, LSCCC desires to support numerous church planting initiatives in China over the next ten years.